Saturated Fats

The nutrition advice surrounding saturated fats is confusing and not always accurate! We break down the facts so you can make a healthy, informed choice.

Alzheimer's and Inflammation

A diet rich in fish may help prevent Alzheimer's disease. Learn how you can help your body balance inflammation and prevent the "itis" illnesses!

The Potential with Health Coaching

There are many ways to implement your health coaching training. Individual coaching, groups or even writing articles and books! See what Parul is doing.

Reduce Sugar for Optimal Health

The sugar crisis continues because sugary drinks and foods leave us craving more sweets. Reduce sugar in your diet to reach your optimal health goals. Learn how!

Stick to Goals

Exercising is typically a difficult goal to maintain. Learn the science behind motivation to learn how to stick to goals easier!

Pills and Skills Model of Health

The pills and skills model helps people shift their focus from what they can take to what they can do, teaching them how to manage medicines safely.

Healthy Fats for Longer Life

Don't focus on choosing between low-fat and high-fat foods, instead you should be considering "right" fats, or rather healthy fats for a longer life.
mommy brain

Mommy Brain + Daddy Brain

I'm increasingly convinced that the term mommy brain is a reality of parent life. Mothers develop an extra radar in their brains to nourish and protect their baby.
lunch break

Benefits of Lunch Break

Studies have shown that only 1 in 5 people actually take a lunch break. That presents a problem for both work productivity and overall's why.