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A Science-based Health Coach Training

The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute offers certified health coach programs for individuals and professionals who are passionate about joining the health and wellness field. Earn your health coach certification online, with courses that fit your life and your schedule. 

  • Our Certified Health Coach & Master Certified Health Coach courses provide the resources you need to succeed, including nutrition, wellness, and health coaching education. The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute offers a proven, science-based curriculum, available to students through an interactive online learning environment that is flexible, convenient, and fun.

  • Health coaching professionals from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (DSWI) program earn a certification that embodies 5 core values: whole food nutrition, a positive learning environment, simple and sustainable methods to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, affordable ways to live healthier lives, and education built on solid, proven research.

  • If you’re ready to earn your health coaching certificate now, join us today and experience the DSWI difference. You’ll receive live instructor support, a health coaching curriculum developed by a medical doctor, targeted approaches to use with specific age groups, and unparalleled support before, during, and after training.



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Featured Articles

What Does a Health Coach Do?

what does a health coach doIf you have ever felt as though your overall health is not being completely tended to by doctor visits alone, you may be among the many individuals who could benefit from the help of a health coach.

A health coach is your partner in your wellness journey, educating and motivating you to meet your wellness goals. Health coaches are leaders, problem solvers and encouraging individuals, with a keen interest in wellness and genuine concern for their clients’ wellbeing. [Read More]

Should I become a Health Coach?

should I become a health coach

Coaching is a great option for individuals who are passionate about health and helping others, and is an especially good fit for those who want to combine these passions with a flexible work schedule.

If you believe becoming a health coach is a good fit for your life and career, the next step is becoming certified. Look for programs with outside accreditations. [Read More]

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is trained to help someone identify health goals and become a proactive participant in their own self-health management. As a motivator and supportive mentor, a Health Coach considers all areas of a person’s life including lifestyle and behavior, in addition to nutritional choices. [Read More]