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Indoor Spring Activities for Toddlers

Jill Benbow

Spring is right around the corner, bringing unpredictable weather with it. Everyone gets a little spring fever, especially toddlers. Indoor games and activities for toddlers don’t have to take  lot of work, try these easy ideas to keep everyone happy on those days you are stuck at home with an energized crew of kiddos.

indoor activities for toddlers


Regardless of what the weather is doing outside, it takes almost no time at all to make your own indoor hopscotch court. Simply lay tape down on a rug or carpet with either masking tape, painters tape or duct tape, whatever you have on hand will work.

Balance and Imaginary Play

You can also lay down tape in different shapes and create balance beams and let your kids pretend they are walking a high up tightrope. Or, tape down a few squares and let them leap onto lily pads across a moat of water.


Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

While this takes a little planning on your part, it is really easy to set up a treasure hunt around the house. First create 3 or 4 clues: use colored construction paper to create shapes or numbers. Hide each clue around the house, they should get a little harder to find as the hunt goes along.

Bonus: decide on a craft project to do once the scavenger hunt is over and hide something you need for the craft with some of the clues. For example you could hide some crayons and a coloring book, paintbrushes, paints, paper and a smock.

Obstacle Course

This is always a favorite and easy to set up! Use couch cushions, blankets, chairs… the sky is the limit. Create a safe obstacle course away from sharp corners or other potential hazards like the top of the stairs. When your kids get bored with it rearrange it to make it interesting again.

Dance Party

Crank up your kid’s favorite music and start dancing. Take turns creating a new move for everyone to try. Put each new move together to create a memory sequence, and see how many moves they can remember!

Another fun idea is to let them create a music video to their favorite song and record it with your smartphone or video camera. This is a great opportunity to get out the dress-up clothes and old Halloween costumes, they will have so much fun being the star of their very own music video!

Sensory Bin

You can make a sensory bin out of practically anything; from an old inflatable pool to a shoe box. Fill whatever bin you choose with dry beans, loose plastic beads, whatever you have handy (or all of the above). Add some bowls, measuring cups, funnels, toilet paper rolls…the sky is the limit. Toddlers love to scoop and pour, they will get lost in this activity! While it isn’t highly aerobic, playing with a sensory bin allows for creative thinking which is just as important. It is very messy so don’t expect them to keep everything off the floor. Put some big towels or a drop cloth down to catch the mess, and let them do this on the day you were planning on vacuuming.


When all else fails, have your toddlers run laps around the house. It sounds boring to adults, but kids love having permission to run in the house. Create a start/finish line and every time they cross it you can mark a piece of paper or even their arm with a washable marker. See how many laps they can do. Challenge them to do 20 or 30 laps. Be sure to have them wear their shoes and move any potential hazards out of the running course.

Kids love to let their imaginations take over during indoor exercise, let them take the activity wherever their creative minds wander to. Don’t worry if it gets a little messy; toddlers get frustrated when cooped up all day and will appreciate being allowed to burn off their energy in new and exciting ways. Enjoy your spring!


Jill Benbow is the Founder and Director of www.L3Fitness.com, a virtual fitness and wellness community focused on helping women become their best self.  L3 Fitness offers expert advice on realistic and achievable life changes that fit into busy schedules and tight budgets (all while having fun in the process). Jill is a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, author, and busy mom with a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  An avid outdoors-woman, Jill spends as much time outdoors as possible with her family.


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