A Doctor Diet: Dr. Sears’ Personal Diet

A Doctor Diet

I think the word diet has a positive term, meaning a way of eating, rather than as a restrictive word for what you can’t eat. My doctor diet is mostly comprised of these foods and ways of eating:

  • I eat a real food diet, mostly off the land and sea.
  • I mainly eat a five S’s diet: seafood, salads, smoothies, spices, and supplements.

To keep my blood sugar stable, I graze by practicing my rule of two’s: eat twice as often, half as much, and chew twice as long. I not only eat fewer carbohydrates, but partner them with protein, fiber, and fat, which steadies the absorption of carbs so that I don’t get blood sugar highs and lows. And I “white out” dietary carbs by cutting way back on white bread, white pasta, and white pastries.

On an average of five days a week I eat according to what I call the sipping solution. In the morning I make a full blender (64 ounces) of smoothie and sip on this satisfying and delicious drink all day long. It’s my breakfast, lunch and snacks. Then for dinner about four days a week I have seafood (usually salmon, tuna, halibut, or shrimp) and a hearty green salad on which I sprinkle turmeric and black pepper, garlic, and occasionally Indian spices like curcumin and ginger. The salad is so satisfying that it keeps me from overeating the rest of the meal. Eat green, stay lean!

  • I begin each day with a high-protein breakfast.
  • I often enjoy venison, a gift of wild game from my hunter friends.
  • I eat a soft-boiled egg before bedtime a few nights a week.
  • I nibble on nuts for extra energy on high-exercise days.
  • I take a daily supplement of concentrated fruit and vegetable powder in capsule form.

After 14 years of being on this diet, I’m enjoying a perfect blood chemistry profile: I am leaner, and my waits is 5 inches smaller than it was 15 years ago. I enjoy what most seniors desire: Everything works and nothing hurts. What diet should you do? The one that works for you.