An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?apple a day

An apple a day does not necessarily benefit your health as you may have been told.  In fact, eating non-organic apples could increase your need for a doctor.  Apples top the “dirty dozen” list of the Environmental Working Group ( as apples may contain more pesticides than many other fruits and vegetables. In 2017, apples were listed as #4 on the list of the “dirty dozen,” following, nectarines, spinach, and strawberries at #1.

Growers spray apples with pesticides after harvesting them to keep them from turning brown and to keep them looking red and shiny on the shelf. But as Dr. Joseph Pizzorno in his excellent book, The Toxin Solution, advises, “…but if you’re smart, you’ll leave them on the shelf!” So, when shopping for produce, be sure to choose the organic options to reduce the amount of pesticides a grocery item has been exposed to. This way, an apple a day, will actually keep the doctor away!