How Breastfeeding Prevents Alzheimer’s

Author: Dr. Bill Sears

Breastfeeding as Prevention of Alzheimer’s

Ever since our first book was published in 1982, we have praised the brain-building properties of mother’s milk.  Every year or two new discoveries add more to the list of diseases prevented by breastfeeding.  Now there’s one more – Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).  A lead article in one of my favorite journals, Life Extension Magazine Collector’s Edition 2018, covers a study which reveals breastfeeding prevents Alzheimer’s. This was concluded due to the 54 percent of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) patients given an extract from mother’s milk showed an average of a 25 percent improvement, while a comparison group not given this “mama’s smart medicine” showed continued worsening of their Alzheimer’s.  The longer I have the honor of practicing medicine, the more I’m amazed at how science and common sense eventually blend.

In our Prime-Time Health program, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute coaches are taught to make science simple and memorable. Alzheimer’s Disease, in a nutshell, is a garbage-collection problem.  The gradual build-up of “garbage” (old worn-out proteins called amyloid and tau) build up and damaged brain tissue.  A healing protein called proline polypeptide found in colostrum seems to be responsible for lessening this garbage build-up and lessening resultant nerve damage. So, prevention, even reversal (yes, both are possible), is aimed at decreasing garbage build-up and increasing garbage removal.  You can do that!

Dr. Bill Sears