Exercise While Pregnant

Importance of exercise while pregnant

With so much to think about during pregnancy exercise can be the last thing on your mind. Yet making time for exercise while pregnant will make the time you are expecting much healthier and will better prepare you for labor. Here are the benefits to staying fit during your prenatal period.

Energy Boost

Regular exercise while pregnant will help combat your pregnancy from draining your energy. It will help you get through your daily, demanding schedule! By strengthening your cardiovascular system, you won’t tire as easily. With strong, toned muscles, you require less effort to engage in activities; whether it’s sitting through office meetings, or going grocery shopping! Just make sure you’re practicing a safe exercise routine.

Better Sleep

Having an extra 15 pounds on your tummy can make it hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. But regular exercise will allow you to relax and get a more restful sleep.

Reduce Discomfort

By stretching and strengthening your muscles, your body will be better able to cope with the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. Walking will improve circulation, swimming can help strengthen your abs, and stretching will help ease back pain!

Be Prepared

The better shape you’re in, the stronger you’ll be during labor and delivery time. Just like running a marathon, giving birth requires stamina, determination and focus! Being in shape may ease and even shorten the time it takes to deliver your baby.

Reduce Stress

Preparing for a child can give you many emotions: excitement, fear, anxiety and anticipation. Exercise will help boost your serotonin levels, lifting your mood and controlling your emotions.

Improve Self-Image

Seeing the scale climb day-to-day can be a little scary. But getting enough exercise while pregnant and staying healthy will reassure you that you’re gaining an appropriate and healthy amount of weight for a pregnant woman.

Recover Quickly

By maintaining your strength and muscle tone throughout your pregnancy, you’ll be more likely to continue to exercise after giving birth, and your body will be better programmed to bounce back to its normal weight.

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