Filtered Water

Why Choose Filtered Water?

Do you know your water? All water is not created equal. The type of water you drink matters. Let’s explore why filtered water could mean a difference in your health. Let’s discover the truth of why the type of water you choose to drink is so important.

Water is so critical to achieving a better quality of life that health professionals, like Dr. William Sears, recommend that all people should consume as much as half of their body weight in ounces per day. NASA reports that our bodies are made up of roughly 70% of water. As a result of our body’s composition, water plays a significant role in enhancing the functionality of all of its various systems. For example, water can improve oxygen delivery to the cells, it transports nutrients throughout the body, regulates the body temperature, empowers the body’s natural healing process, and improves cell-to-cell communication just to name a few. Therefore, since we are advised to drink a lot of water, and we’re made up of a lot of water, we need to investigate the purity of the water we drink.

Water is one of the cheapest and most readily available natural to just about every person in this country. In the United States, water is one of the luxuries that people not only enjoy, but are very fortunate to be provided with. However, while government employees work diligently to protect the water supplies, many new toxic chemicals remain unchecked. Pharmaceutical drugs, sewage, industrial and agricultural wastes make their way into the water supply of many cities and towns unnoticed. Scientific studies have reported more than 2100 known toxins to have been found in the tap water system. According to the National Institutes of Health, arsenic, lead, chlorine, and other contaminates are among the destructive pollutants. Consequently, these harmful chemicals cause many debilitating health conditions within the body such as: cancer, neurological problems, gastrointestinal abnormalities, fertility dysfunction, and even obesity. Since we are instructed to ingest so much water on a daily basis, we must be very selective of the kind of water we drink.

In order for water to assist us best, it needs to be filtered water. There are various types of filtration water systems and filtered products that you can purchase to meet this need. Be patient and consistent, and this simple switch to filtered water could be the change that your body has been thirsting for. As you participate in attempting to improve your water selection, realize that when you’re consuming half your body weight in ounces of water each day, make a concentrated effort to choose filtered water so that your body can truly benefit.


Nearly a decade ago, my mother was diagnosed with an “incurable” cancer. Therefore, it was time to take action to recover her health. Along with my mother and brother, I researched, studied and implemented health professionally proven nutritional and lifestyle changes which resulted in my mother’s elevated triumph to remission over the cancer, while losing over 100 pounds, lowering her cholesterol by 150 points and stopping her macular degeneration. Since these successes, we’ve become health lecturers, consultants and authors of 18 different Health and Wellness Nutrition Recipe books. I’ve obtained an English degree from UNCC.