Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

Holiday foods to avoid when pregnant

The holidays are a time of celebration and families gathering together. An abundance of food is typically the centerpiece of all holiday festivities. For most people, the holiday goodies hold no risk (other than to your waistline!), but for pregnant mothers, some common foods can be hazardous to both mom and baby. Eating right for the both of you is essential. Here are some foods to avoid when pregnant this holiday season.

  • Soft/Unpasteurized Cheeses can carry a bacteria called listeria which can infect the placenta, the amniotic fluid, and the baby, and can cause miscarriage or stillbirth. Listeria can also be found in many lunch meats.
  • Undercooked Turkey and Stuffing can leave you at risk for salmonella or toxoplasmosis poisoning. Be sure the internal temperature of the turkey is at least 180 degrees and cook your stuffing in a pot or a pan this year.
  • Unpasteurized Apple Cider, whether hot or cold, can carry E. coli. Make sure it’s pasteurized or try a cup of warm tea.
  • Alcohol enters the fetus at the same rate it enters your blood stream and even one, small drink should be avoided.
  • Unwashed raw vegetables can be exposed to toxoplasmosis in the dirt they were grown in. Take a moment to be sure all fresh veggies are washed thoroughly before consumption.
  • Batter from many holiday favorites usually contains raw eggs which are prone to carrying salmonella. Avoiding snacking on the raw batter when pregnant and nibble on nuts or dried fruit until the finished product comes out of the oven!

These foods to avoid when pregnant will make the holidays happy and safe for you and baby!