It’s a Great Time to Become a Certified Health Coach

Health Coaching as a profession has been growing and evolving for some time now. Amazing changes have taken place over the past decade or so, creating the perfect climate for Health Coaches to succeed and make an impact on health and wellness. The field is becoming increasingly recognized and respected as an integral part of maintaining health and overall well-being (1) . If you have been considering earning your Health Coach Certification, the path to success is more defined now than it has ever been.

In 2010, a few organizations pioneered Health Coaching, and within six short years, the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) worked with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) to provide Health Coaches with the opportunity to become Board Certified (2) . Along with these strides, in 2020, the American Medical Association (AMA) approved billing codes for insurance companies. One of the advantages of becoming Board Certified is that you can bill insurance.

What does this mean for you, as a Certified Health Coach?

This will broaden your client population, increase your potential revenue, improve accessibility for patients, and help advance the field. In short, the growth potential is huge. Health Coaching is a $7 billion service market and consistent growth is expected (3) . As opportunities may increase for Board Certified Health Coaches, earning your initial Health Coach Certification is a wonderful way to help you begin facilitating health and well-being for your clients.

What can you do to prepare and be part of this expansive growth in the industry?

  • Do your research on training programs
  • Choose a qualified program – you can refer to the NBHWC list of approved programs here (4)
  • Make sure the training program you choose offers:
    • a science-based curriculum
    • flexible pathways to meet your goals
    • the opportunity to work within a specialty market
    • ongoing support and job opportunities

Where can you find a job as a Certified Health Coach?

Possible locations to work as a Health Coach include:

  • Hospital Patient Education
  • Doctor’s Offices/Clinics
  • Birthing Centers
  • Active Retirement Centers
  • Corporations
  • Recreation Centers
  • YMCAs
  • Churches
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Dentist Offices
  • Chiropractor Offices
  • Social Clubs/Groups
  • Self-employed
  • Business Development Groups
  • Health/Fitness Clubs
  • Government Agencies (city and county levels)
  • Applicable Retail Stores
  • Senior Centers
  • Country Clubs
  • Insurance Companies
  • Virtual Health Coaching Companies (bilingual/multilingual coaches are in demand)

Why are Certified Health Coaches needed now more than ever?

We are all still healing from the global pandemic. With that, there has been the realization that we all need to be more proactive, improve quality of care, and facilitate well-being. There continues to be a rise in chronic illnesses, as well, that requires ongoing health management and support. Health Coaches can bridge this gap by empowering clients, teaching them tools, and holding them accountable to themselves and their health and wellness goals.


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