Kids Eating Omega-3’s: Success Stories

Fish Stories of School Success

Omega-3s are essential to people of all ages and have a great impact on a child’s learning and behavior. Kids eating omega-3 is very important! Here are some testimonies from the Sears Pediatrics and Family Medicine practice from two mothers who saw a profound difference in their children after adding omega-3s to the diet.

A Mother’s Testimony after Giving Her Child an Oil Change

Because of my adopted son’s prenatal exposure to heroin, methadone, and we’re not sure what else, he was diagnosed with sensory integration syndrome. Simply state, the neurons in his brain and body don’t communicate properly. His difficulties started in first grade. He had trouble concentrating, poor writing skills, and low grades at school. He lied and was angry and destructive. Any normal task would take numerous reminders.

I was told repeatedly by teachers, special education assessors, and all the other academic specialists that the only course of action was to put him on ADHD medication. Just as I was about to give up and put him on the medication, I consulted Dr. Sears, who prescribed 1000 mg of omega-3 EPA/DHA fish oil daily, in addition to serving him salmon twice a weak. Quite honestly, I thought it a bit odd, but I started his fish oil the next day.

Within two to three days he was calmer, not “zoned out” or “spacey,” just relaxed. He was still sharp, funny, and a bit sassy, but not disrespectful. Within a week, life at home was much less stressful, and he was getting along better with everyone. There was laughter in my house again. Within two weeks his schoolwork improved, and homework is not the ordeal it once was. His comprehension skills were above grade level and his writing was legible. We had spent thousands of dollars on tutoring, therapies, and various programs designed for learning-disabled children. Now he is at the top of his class.

This has been nothing short of our own personal miracle. You have given me my son back! Thank you, Dr. Sears!

A Success Story of a Teacher’s Child

Because I’m a teacher, I knew Abby had ADD. Needless to say, I was concerned and realized Abby’s inability to focus may interfere with finishing first grade. She couldn’t remember sight words or homework assignments, and we visited lost-and-found daily to pick up lunch boxes or jackets that she would leave around school.

I called my mom because I knew she would understand the situation, as she was also a schoolteacher, though retired. After hearing the story, she said “I just returned from a nutrition talk by Dr. Bill Sears. Tracee, you need to get Abby on omega-3s because the neurotransmitters in her brain need them for clear thinking. Your body does not make enough omega-3s, you need to eat foods with them. If she won’t eat fish, giver her fish oil.”

I ordered fish oil capsules and began giving them to her. Before a week was over, I received a note from her teacher asking me what I had done because Abby was focused. She was answering questions for the first time. I continue to give Abby omega-3s. She is delighted that she is really able to learn. She is one of the best students in her class. I cringe to think that she might have repeated first grade unnecessarily.

P.S. This big change in Abby inspired me to find out if students in my fifth-grade class took omega-3 fish oils. I was not surprised to find out that all my top students took them.