Natural Medicine and Wellness Summit

Dr. Bill Speaks at Dr. Murray’s Wellness Summit

It has always been my pleasure to share the Sears family’s medical and parenting advice! Over the last few years I have also spent a lot of time focusing on health and wellness for all ages.

It gives me great pleasure to share that I will be participating in the upcoming online Natural Medicine Healing and Wellness Summit hosted by my good friend, Dr. Michael Murray, world-renowned naturopathic doctor and best-selling author. Also participating in the summit are 29 other prominent natural health experts from around the world providing you with information that will benefit you and your family.

wellness summit

The good news – this is a complimentary online event! Register here and you can listen to my talk “How to Help Your Body Make its Own Internal Medicine.” You’ll hear from other experts and learn more about topics such as:

  • Effective natural weight loss
  • Sleep improvement
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Anti-aging techniques
  • Proper use of supplements
  • Naturally treating conditions like diabetes, heart disease and hormone imbalance

To learn more or to join us for the Natural Medicine Healing and Wellness Summit, please visit the website.