Holiday Recipes

Try some of these delicious and slightly healthier holiday recipes from the Sears' kitchen as you are preparing sweet treats this holiday season.

Beat the Holiday Blues

This time of year it 's common for people to experience the Holiday Blues. Self-care and smart choices can help you beat the blues and enjoy the season.

World Diabetes Day Featured Recipe

Break bread with family and friends this month using this delicious recipe to spread awareness and information about Diabetes.

LEAN Tailgating Recipes

Everyone loves tailgating for the fun and especially the food. These delicious and nutritious recipes will take your tailgating to the next level.
coconut oil health benefits facts

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Recent research and studies suggest that coconut oil offers benefits for our health and wellness. Learn some new facts and benefits in this infographic.
glycemic index

A Closer Look at the Glycemic Index

Learn more about how the Glycemic Index impacts insulin and blood sugar levels, and how to choose the right carbs to keep you balanced and feeling good.
salt sodium

Why So Salty About Sodium?

There's been a lot of talk about the dangers of sodium lately. Sodium is actually a very important nutrient for the human body. Without it, we literally could not function. Learn more about the pros and cons of Sodium.
seafood omega-3s superfood brain growth

3 Reasons Safe Seafood is a Top Pregnancy Superfood

Baby’s brain is 60% fat and it just so happens that the top fats in fish, omega-3s, are also the top fats a baby’s brain needs as it develops.
Food Labels What They Mean

9 Food Packaging Labels Explained

Learn to examine the fine print, know what words on the food label really mean, and take a big step toward making nutritious choices at the supermarket.

Time-Saving Food Tips for Busy Parents

What is the number one obstacle to getting your family eating the healthy food you want them to eat: Time. TIME is the obstacle everyone faces!

Buying Organic and Avoiding the Dirty Dozen

Buying organic can protect your family from consuming harmful pesticides in fruits & vegetables. The new Dirty Dozen list shows those you most want to avoid.

World Health Day Raises Concerns

World Health Day brought distressing news this year: there has been a fourfold increase in diabetes since 1980. We need to avoid excessive weight gain! Here's what Dr. Sears recommends.