Food Labels What They Mean

9 Food Packaging Labels Explained

Learn to examine the fine print, know what words on the food label really mean, and take a big step toward making nutritious choices at the supermarket.

Time-Saving Food Tips for Busy Parents

What is the number one obstacle to getting your family eating the healthy food you want them to eat: Time. TIME is the obstacle everyone faces!

Buying Organic and Avoiding the Dirty Dozen

Buying organic can protect your family from consuming harmful pesticides in fruits & vegetables. The new Dirty Dozen list shows those you most want to avoid.

World Health Day Raises Concerns

World Health Day brought distressing news this year: there has been a fourfold increase in diabetes since 1980. We need to avoid excessive weight gain! Here's what Dr. Sears recommends.

Are School Lunches Healthy?

Although school lunches are starting to look healthier, there is still room for improvement by including more fresh vegetables and fruits, and less sugar.

Obesity and Infant Mortality

A new study highlights the implications of obesity and infant mortality, emphasizing the importance of weight management for new and expecting mothers.

Performing Arts and the Brain

The performing arts, including music, painting and dance, are increasingly being used to "pump new life" into older prime-timers. Learn how creativity impacts the brain as we age.

Nutritional Deficit Disorder: A Holistic Approach

Kids are diagnosed with learning and behavior disorders, but rather than labeling them with ADHD, I call it a nutritional deficit disorder (NDD).

Diet Program Alternative: L.E.A.N.

Have you tried a diet program? There are just a few keys to health, which Dr. Sears calls the L.E.A.N. program, a balanced approach to wellness. Learn more about the non-diet alternative to healthy living!

Exercise in Teens

A lean body is good preventive medicine against disease. A recent study found a correlation between exercise in teens and future blood pressure problems.

Quality Sleep for Prime-Timers

The older we get, the more quality sleep we need. Studies show that sleep impacts brain function as we get older. Get 12 tips for quality sleep as you age!

Health Coach Client, Now Certified

Learn why Molly, once a health coach client, decided to become a Certified Health Coach to inspire and motivate others on their wellness journey.