Pantry Makeover

First Step to Healthier Eating: A Pantry Makeover

A pantry makeover is similar to spring cleaning – out with the bad, in with the good! The purpose of a pantry makeover is to help you bring awareness to your current food choices, while making space for healthier alternatives. Using the principles of Traffic Light eating will help you understand what foods you should consider stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer with.

3 Benefits of Doing a Pantry Makeover

  1. Awareness. In the hustle-and-bustle of life, it’s easy to slip back into unhealthy habits without even realizing it. Seemingly small and harmless “treats” quickly add up and the next thing you know, your pantry is full of packaged, processed, factory-made food. Doing a pantry makeover and reflecting on the choices you made that led to the Red Light foods lining your shelves will help you strategize how to avoid succumbing to those choices in the future.
  2. Reset. Health isn’t a destination – it’s a journey. That means you’ll have ups-and-downs along the way. When you find yourself on the down, which may include a freezer full of frozen pizzas, a pantry (and fridge/freezer) makeover is a great way to hit the reset button in order to get back on track.
  3. Learning Opportunity. Cleaning out your pantry can be an opportunity to get the whole family involved. Teaching your kids the principles of Traffic Light eating and exploring healthier alternatives to the common treats in your house will help instill long-lasting healthy habits.

pantry makeover

The Importance of a Pantry Makeover

If you’re interested in starting (or restarting) with healthier eating habits, then a pantry makeover is a perfect first step! With healthy options at your fingertips, there’s no space for tempting food. Certified Health Coaches through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute work with clients doing pantry makeovers as a way to support overall health and wellness.