Pills and Skills Model of Health

Adopting the Pills and Skills Model

There’s an unhealthy trend in doctor’s offices that is known in the medical world as the “revolving-door of medicine”. This occurs when patients enter the doctor’s office, get pills but no self-help skills, leave the doctor, pop the pills and return next month for a stronger dose…and the health care system gets sicker.

This medical model is not working.

Your body has the amazing power to heal itself, if given the right nutrients. These nutrients are usually found in the food that we eat, but too often people opt for pills – including supplements – and disregard the healing aspects of whole, natural foods.

Most people rely on the marvels of modern prescription medicines and surgical procedures, yet neglect to stock their body’s own medicine cabinet with knowledge and self-help skills. We often forget that longevity requires both pills and skills.

– Dr. William Sears

The Pills and Skills Model of Health Care

The direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medicines (and even some supplements) can be linked to the proliferation of people opting for pills instead of trusting their own body’s healing capabilities. The pills and skills model that I use with patients does not discount the need for some prescription medicines, rather it’s a way to help people shift their focus from what they can take to what they can do. 

The pills and skills model helps patients learn how to manage medicines wisely and safely.

This model is especially helpful with those in the prime time because, as our bodies change with age, some pills may affect an older body differently than a younger body. As we age, changes occur that cause medicines to be metabolized differently:

  • The gut absorbs drugs differently.
  • The esophagus is more prone to inflammation and is therefore more bothered by pills.
  • The liver detoxifies drugs less effectively.
  • The kidneys expel drug residues less efficiently.

Make Your Own Medicine

If you’re like many people in their prime time, you assume that as you age, you need an increasing number of pills to keep you healthy. Here’s an overview of when most prime timers are taking pills in cases when their bodies have the capability to heal:

  • Pills to lower blood pressure. The body can make its own.
  • Pills to lower cholesterol. The body can be taught to make its own.
  • Pill to lower blood sugar. The body can be taught to regulate its own blood sugar level.
  • Pills to help the heart beat stronger. Your body can build a stronger heart that beats more efficiently.
  • Pills to steady your heartbeat. You can eat foods that prevent your heartbeat from misfiring.
  • Pills to keep blood from overclotting, to lessen heart attacks and strokes. The body makes its own blood thinners and certainly ones that are safer and more effective because they are tailor-made for you.
  • Pills to dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow to organs. Here’s where the body really shines and makes its own vasodilators.
  • Pills for the “-itis” illnesses (e.g., bronchitis, arthritis, colitis, and dermatitis). The body can make its own anti-inflammatories, which are better and safer than the ones you buy.
  • Pills to mellow your mood. The brain can be primed to make its own “happy hormones” and natural antidepressants.
  • Pills to perk up cognitive decline. Your body can make its own brain-saving medicines.
  • Pills to heal a hurting tummy. You can get a handle on heartburn naturally.
  • Pills to kills germs. Your body and nature’s food farmacy make better antibiotics than you can buy.
  • Pills to cover up pain. Your body can make medicines that prevent the causes of pain.

Your body is a walking pharmacy, a storehouse of all you need to be happy and healthy. Learn how to unlock your body’s medicine, which are tailor-made for you. Say good-bye to disease, disabilities and dysfunction!