Popular Health Coach Certifications

Dr. Sears training listed in most popular health coach certifications

The Health Coaching profession has experienced rapid growth in recent years as people are turning to this new kind of health professional for help. A health coach’s job is to assist people in making those easy-to-say, hard-to-do changes that are necessary for good health. Deep down everyone wants to be healthy, but traditional medical approaches have lacked the tools, education, and support to help them achieve their goals. Health coaches are becoming the missing piece to the health crisis puzzle. Among the most popular health coach certifications Dr. Sears Wellness Institute ranks right at the top.

A new approach to health education

health-coach-certificationsDr. William Sears has long recognized the need for quality education and tools that will equip health coaches to impact the lives of others. The Dr. Sears Health Coach Training & Certification seeks to meet that need by providing science-based health coach certifications that take a holistic approach to wellness and provide instruction in the four pillars of health: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition.

The online Dr. Sears Training and Certification programs is in the “Top Five Most Popular Health Coach Certifications” by the Exercise Science Guide because of the hands-on approach and full support health coaches receive before, during and after becoming certified. According to the article:

“This program has a comprehensive and easy to understand curriculum that is online and has excellent student support. For those who want to own their own business, once you are certified through one of their programs the Institute will help you with your marketing. For those starting out in the field, this program is highly recommended, especially because of the amount of support that students receive during and after certification.”

If you are passionate about helping others (or yourself!) successfully achieve their health goals and experience a disease and pain-free life, becoming a certified health coach may be right for you! Attend an upcoming Informational Webinar to learn how the training will benefit you, your career, your health, and your family!

Educators at the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute are always available to answer questions and help you achieve your goals. Get started today!