Power Playdates: Networking for Busy People

Networking for Busy People Just Got a Little Easier

If you’re like many of our Certified Health Coaches, you’re not just trying to help others learn to adopt healthier lifestyle and behavior changes, you’re raising kids and instilling those same ideals into your own family. Not to mention running to soccer practice, dance class and robotics club, while getting dinner on the table and tucking the kids into bed at night.

Talk about a busy schedule! Networking for busy people seems nearly impossible. How are working parents balancing entrepreneurship and parenthood? Many are doing it with the power playdate.

The Power Playdate

Starting a new business, especially as a Certified Health Coach, means you’re doing a lot of networking. You may think that you have no time to invest in building relationships while raising a family, but a new article highlights how you can combine networking and playdates, into what’s being called a “power playdate.”

When you’re trying to grow a business and raise kids at the same time, it’s just a really efficient use of time.

Steinberg, founder and CEO of DailyWorth, a financial website for women

While there are some drawbacks if your children are very young and need constant supervision, or if you’re always chasing your toddler, power playdates are a potentially efficient use of your time as an entrepreneur, health coach and super mom (or dad!).

For one-on-one power playdates to work, your children must be similar ages, and at least be able to tolerate each other. It’s probably best for situations where you know the other party somewhat, and would like to get to know him or her better.

If you’re a busy parent without playdate potential, how else can you efficiently use your parenting time in a way that positively supports your networking efforts? Think about the people you come across everyday as you’re dropping kids off at school, picking up ingredients at the grocery store or serving at your Church. Can you strike up a conversation with someone?

The opportunity to build relationships exists everywhere. Capitalize on your time and seize every chance to connect with someone. You never know will happen unless you give it a try!