Should I become a Health Coach?

Are you passionate about health and wellness? Do you enjoy improving the lives of others? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then becoming a health coach could be an excellent career choice for you.

Health coaches help their clients by educating them on how to live healthier and empowering them to make positive, substantial lifestyle changes. Coaching is a great option for individuals who are passionate about health and helping others, and is an especially good fit for those who want to combine these passions with a flexible work schedule.

become a health coach

What are the benefits of becoming a health coach?

Health coaching can be fulfilling work in and of itself, but the flexibility and entrepreneurial quality of the profession offers other benefits, as well. A health coaching certificate enables you to start your own business, work from home, and dictate the amount of time you want to spend working.

3 benefits of becoming a health coach:

1.  Fulfilling your passion to help others and support a healthier world

After attending a quality health coach certification program, a health coach goes into the field armed with knowledge and skills.  Knowledge helps their clients, who might be struggling with healthy living, to make sound choices. How many people do you know with the best intentions, who just can’t seem to stick to their goals, or who aren’t able to determine the right plan for their individual lives? Health coaches can help! And helping others is fulfilling work.

2. Flexibility

Having the ability to choose what you want to do, create your own schedule, and set your own pricing are all an appealing part of becoming a Health Coach. For this reason, working remotely is quickly gaining in popularity. People who work from home are able to work during times when they have the most energy and have more flexibility and free time to spend with family, traveling, and pursuing other interests.

become a health coach

3. Driving an income through your passion for health & wellness

Earning an income doing what you love is a worthy goal for anyone. Becoming a health coach can allow you to spend your working hours focusing on wellness (your passion!) and helping others live healthier lives.

Is becoming a health coach a good career choice?

Yes! But, as with any career choice, be sure to do your research. If you are planning to use your health coach certification to find work at a company, look at employment opportunities in your area to identify possible options. If you are hoping to run your own business, consider how successfully you might be able to market yourself online and in your already existing networks.

For individuals who have well defined business plans or good ideas of employment opportunities in their areas, becoming a health coach might be an easy decision. For those who are less sure about the direction of their careers, consider that a health coach certification can boost the quality of your resume, regardless, and that there are many creative ways to employ both your knowledge of holistic wellness and your health coach certification as you begin to shape what your career will look like.

How to become a health coach?

If you believe becoming a health coach is a good fit for your life and career, the next step is becoming certified. Look for programs with outside accreditations, like the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. If you want to specialize your certificate, look for programs that offer a certification in your specific interest area, such as health coaching for seniors or health coaching for families.

Once you’ve completed your certification program, keep in touch with your instructors and classmates as they are sure to be great resources and colleagues going forward. Be confident with all you’ve learned and go get started!

Why DSWI is a top-rated Health Coach Certification program

A World Class Team

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is among the premier certification programs. All of the certification courses are designed by healthcare professionals with decades of work promoting holistic and natural health solutions. The Sears’s are leaders in the health community and passionate about spreading their wealth of collected knowledge. The instructors are highly accomplished health coach professionals and are qualified educators.

Learn more about Dr. Sears, staff, and instructors.

Ongoing Support

After completing any DSWI health coach certification course, you will receive ongoing support, including up-to-date health research information, marketing resources to help get your business off the ground, access to our faculty and staff, and ongoing education opportunities, like conference calls and webinars.