“Six-S” Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Foods to Reduce Inflammation

Six-S Diet to Reduce Inflammation

Following Dr. Bill’s own life-threatening “-itis” illness, he thoroughly researched what diet would best help to reduce inflammation in his body. After a few years of experimentation – and taste-reshaping – he came up with a simple, delicious and nutritious diet. We’ll call it the six-S diet. (“Diet” simply means a way of eating. We’re all on a “diet.”) Instead of a diet, call it a “do-it.”

  1. Seafood: primarily wild pacific salmon.
  2. Smoothies: multiple dark-colored fruits, berries, organic yogurt, ground flaxseeds, and more. The sipping solution smoothie is one of the best inflammation solutions.
  3. Salads: go as deeply colorful as you can. Go green, such as organic arugula, kale and spinach; go red, such as tomatoes and red peppers; add red or black beans.
  4. Spices: turmeric, black pepper, ginger, garlic, rosemary, chilis, and cinnamon
  5. Satisfying snacks: graze to your body’s content. See why grazing is good for you.
  6. Supplements: The three inflammation-balancing ones I use in my medical practice and those supported by science:
    1. Omega-3 fish oils, primarily salmon oil from Alaska
    2. Astaxanthin, the natural anti-inflammatory nutrient that makes salmon pink. We recommend Hawaiian astaxanthin.

These science-based supplements are meant to fill in the gaps in the first three S’s: seafood, salads, and smoothies, since few people consistently eat an average of two ounces of wild salmon every day and ten servings (ten fistfuls) of combined fruits and vegetables every day.