Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

How to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

This is the year you’re going to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, right? Whether you normally last two weeks or two months, on average only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions. If you want to be among the few people who keep their resolutions, you need more than just willpower – you need a strategy! We’ve put together these seven tips that will help you create a game plan to achieve your resolutions in 2022.

7 Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Commit to goals that are meaningful to YOU. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to choose goals that are driven by obligation. Instead of setting goals based on what you think you “should” do or on what others suggest, think through what resonates most with you.

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  2. Set realistic and obtainable goals. One way to create goals within reach is to set SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound. This type of goal setting increases the chances of following through with your goal. For example, “I will meditate for 10 minutes every day” or “I will finish a 5k race in March.” Both goals are simple, easy to understand and follow the SMART goal template.
  3. Put it on paper. Writing down your goals makes them harder to break. Not only does writing your goal take it out of your head and solidify your intentions, but you are also 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Don’t just think of a goal – write it down! Consider using a journal or spreadsheet to track your progress.
  4. Get a buddy. Accountability is key. Share your resolutions with your friends, family or even your social media following. This will help keep you committed to your goals and you’ll likely receive additional motivation from others.
  5. Create daily reminders. Post your goals where you can see them every day. Put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, the fridge, by the front door – or in multiple areas! Let these reminders be your time to visualize your goals and remind yourself of the daily tasks needed to reach them. As you move closer to completing your goals, your daily actions will become habits.
  6. Schedule periodic reminders. Put reminders in your phone, on your calendar, or schedule encouraging emails to send to yourself automatically at points throughout the year to motivate you. Depending on how long your goals will take to complete, set weekly, monthly, or quarterly reminders. Checking in with yourself will help keep you accountable, motivated, and honest with yourself.
  7. Pencil in some “Me Time.” Reward your progress with things that you enjoy like getting a massage, catching up with an old friend over coffee, or a date night with your partner. This will help keep you balanced, less stressed, and less likely to feel the overwhelm that leads to broken resolutions!

Here’s to another year of healthy resolutions! Following these seven suggestions will make your New Year’s resolutions more successful than in years past. Now, get to it!

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