Vitamin Water Facts

Vitamin Water Facts vs Fiction

In recent years Vitamin Water has become a very popular “healthy” choice as a result of the strong marketing push including several celebrity endorsements. When you look at the Vitamin Water facts though does it really stand up to its health claims?
vitamin water facts

A non-profit public interest group certainly doesn’t think so and is suing Coca-Cola (the company that owns Vitamin Water) for allegedly making unwarranted health claims about Vitamin Water. Surprisingly, the lawsuit is being defended by Coca-Cola lawyers with the argument that “no consumer could be reasonably misled into thinking Vitamin Water was a healthy beverage.”

Left with that argument, consumers can only conclude that even the creators of the beverage acknowledge it is an unhealthy choice even though it is fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals. Look at the nutrition facts for yourself. With the amount of sugar in each bottle (33g), the drink is bears more resemblance to a soft-drink than a health beverage.

The outcome of the false advertising lawsuit has yet to be determined, however, when you look at the Vitamin Water facts, it is clearly not a healthy beverage choice. As an alternative, Dr. Sears encourages creating your own version of vitamin water by adding various fruits and vegetables to flavor your water. Citrus fruit, berries, apples, pears and even cucumbers make delicious additions to a glass of water. Try freezing the fruit before you add it to your drink to create your own ice cubes! Your new drink is certain to be a healthy new addition to your daily routine.

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