Health Coach Profiles

Certified Health Coaches are impacting lives around the world.

The Need for Certified Health Coaches is Everywhere!

People all over the world are having their lives transformed by Health Coaches certified through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  Health Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, but share a common passion for helping others achieve their health goals. Here is a brief snapshot of what Health Coaches do in a variety of settings.

Jacqui Bryan, RN, CHC

Jacqui’s passion for helping people was born out of a personal battle with health. In 2003, Jacqui was diagnosed with breast cancer and made the decision that she was going to use her skills and abilities as a Registered Nurse to help keep people OUT of the hospital instead of treating them in the hospital. Jacqui has spent the past 11 years doing that. Jacqui’s nursing background has allowed her to specialize in working with disease specific audiences such as oncology, cardiovascular, and diabetes. Dr. Sears’ Prime-Time Health program was a good fit for her because of this emphasis on fighting inflammation. “I’ve been amazed at the positive responses to the Prime-Time Health programs,” shared Jacqui. “The program breaks down complicated information into easy to understand concepts and tools that clients can use and implement.”  Her professionalism and passion for helping people get healthy have helped her build a loyal client base including individuals, golf clubs, pharmaceutical companies, fertility centers, financial advisers, oncology centers, schools, and the YMCA.

Health Coach Mona Hitch

Mona Hitch, CHC

Mona describes herself as a G.G. (greatest granny) with a passion on a Mission for inspiring healthier living. For the last eight years Mona has been working with families, schools, and organizations in the Nashville and surrounding counties to promote wellness. Most recently, Mona has made a connection with the headquarters of a national restaurant franchise and is working with them to implement wellness programs at the corporate level before branching out to offer the programs to each of the franchisees as well. Mona’s passion has also allowed her to implement employee wellness programs at a local hospital.

Dede Murff, CHC

Dede is now a busy mom with a packed Health Coaching schedule. With her own experience of battling and reversing her Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dede is dedicated to assisting her clients to develop skills and habits that will enable them to thrive. She is currently working with couples in their homes, teaching multiple group workshops, and offering free green smoothie classes to promote her upcoming classes and services. I’ve been amazed at how much my “clean eating” friends have learned from my classes,” shared Dede. “I thought I would be sharing repeat information, but all my classes are well attended and enjoyed by all.” Dede is looking forward to teaching Prime-Time Health classes this fall at a local retirement community and is talking to the community leaders about becoming the go to Health Coach for the community. “I’m so thankful for the professional materials the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute provides,” said Dede. Not having to invent her own marketing and classroom materials has enabled Dede to quickly access a willing and interested audience and start receiving income for her health coaching services.

Health Coach Dede Murff

Laura Goll, MEd, CHC

Laura Goll is also a teacher who has a passion for teaching fellow teachers and parents about the impact nutrition and health have on student’s focus and attention. As a teacher, I see smart, talented kids struggle with focus and learning. I see them struggle with missing school and their weight. It breaks my heart and I want to help!” shared Laura. Laura’s mission is to help families with school-age children create the best environment for success by empowering them to implement fun, simple and effective food and fitness plans for their families. Over the years, she has led a variety of creative health initiatives, applied for and received grants to host professional wellness classes for teachers, hosted monthly accountability meetings for past clients, and more!

Rosetta Lambiotte, CHC

Initially, Rosetta became a Certified Health Coach to gain the tools and information to improve her personal health. After Rosetta started following Dr. Sears’ Prime-Time Health plan, several individuals from a choral group she was a member of noticed the change in her health and weight and approached her to learn what diet she was following. They were very surprised when she told them, “It’s not a diet! It’s a lifestyle.” The dramatic changes she experienced has encouraged her to share with everyone how Dr. Sears simple, scientific approach to wellness transformed her life. She is also continuing to work with a group home for mentally disabled adults to teach them how to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Health Coach Rosetta Lambiotte
Health Coach Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson, CHC

By profession, Kim Johnson is a trained dance instructor who has pioneered the LEAN Dance Movement in local grade schools through her involvement with the Owensboro Dance Theatre. The Owensboro Dance Theatre strongly believes in giving children the chance to experience how easy and FUN it is to move and stay healthy. As part of their initiative to impact local youth, Kim worked closely with a grant writer at the Owensboro Dance Theatre to apply for and receive several large grants which cover costs of implementing the LEAN Dance Movement program in local schools. Over the past five years the LEAN Dance Movement program has grown and is now implemented as part of the physical education classes for fourth and fifth grade students in 18 local grade schools. The main goal of this program is to encourage kids to enjoy movement as well as educate them on simple nutrition choices that will help them feel and look their best. In addition to working with students, Kim and the schools also host family fun nights where parents and children come to learn dance and nutrition.

Stephen Johnson, CHC

Steve has worked as a senior level administrator at a local hospital for the past seven years. “Our focus has always been on how to care for sick people in the hospital instead of focusing on how to keep people healthy and out of the hospital,” shares Steve. The Prime-Time Health program not only changed Steve’s personal health, but it also gave him a fresh perspective which has guided his direction of hospital programs. Each year, hospitals are required to conduct community health needs assessments to identify what needs exist. From that assessment, the hospital can then partner with local programs and individuals who can meet the needs. Board members at the hospital where Steve works voted to allow the Steve’s health coaching programs to be a part of the educational solution for their community.

Health Coach Steve Johnson
Health Coach Frieda Houck

Freida Houck, CHC

Freida has had numerous opportunities to help others improve their health as a Certified Health Coach in her hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. “I really love the way the Dr. Sears tools make teaching and living healthy really simple and something that anyone can do, at any phase in their life,” said Frieda. “They have equipped me to be a successful Health Coach in a variety of areas.” She teaches Culinary Arts and Botany one day a week at The Ellis Academy, a girls’ education center in Toney, AL.  “It has been delightful to see girls aged seven & up learn to cook real food, from basic ingredients, sit at a nicely set table and enjoy both the food and conversation as they eat!” shared Freida. Freida has also had some unique opportunities to work with daycare workers on both a local and a state level. After offering healthy living workshops to local daycare workers, she was asked to teach a break out session at the state daycare workers’ conference. She was able to receive state approval to offer continuing education credits to each of the daycare workers attending her session.

Josephine Nalugo, CHC

Josephine is a woman of much energy and determination and has undertaken many projects to encourage breastfeeding and better nutrition in Uganda, where the mothers she works with live on under $1 per day. Her mission to work with the women of Africa began in 2004 after she gave birth to her first daughter, Chantal. Josephine struggled for months to return to her job while breastfeeding her daughter because of the lack of support in Uganda to prepare breastfeeding mothers to return to work. As a result of her experience of being torn between work and breastfeeding, Josephine launched Children In Africa – a mother’s support group in her home village in Nkokonjeru, Mukono district. The group began initially with 14 village women meeting twice a month in Josephine’s home to discuss problems they were facing and to support each other. Josephine would use this time to inspire the women to breastfeed their babies as well as educating them about proper health care, exercise, and nutrition for their family. Josephine has helped nearly 500 mothers and babies establish better health as well as leading an initiative to start many income-generating activities such as weaving baskets, raising chickens and growing vegetable and fruit gardens. Her experience and work with the village women has inspired many.

Health Coach Josephine Nalugo