Health Coach Certification


In the Master Health Coach Training, students learn proven behavior change and advanced coaching skills through a live, instructor-led course focused on the psychology of health coaching. Upon completion, graduates are equipped to structure individualized coaching programs using evidence-based coaching methods to guide and support their clients to make positive, lasting behavior changes. Master Course graduates also meet the training requirements to sit for the National Health & Wellness Board Certification Exam.

Master Certified Health Coach Training Program

Advanced Skills for Client Success

Master Certified Health Coaches have the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive guidance and support to their clients, leading to positive and sustainable health outcomes through:

  • Applying evidence-based coaching methods and the trans-theoretical model of change
  • Developing an individualized, client-centered coaching program
  • Utilizing advanced coaching communication skills
  • Understanding advanced health and wellness topics including chronic disease and disease prevention

Pathway to National Board Certification

The Dr. Sears Master Health Coach Training meets the rigorous standards set forth by the National Board for Health & Wellness coaching (NBHWC). Once you earn your Master Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, you meet the training requirements to sit for the exam. Upon passing, you become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), giving you an elite credential and expanding your employment opportunities.

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Tuition & Registration

Next Instructor-Led Courses Begin July 15, 2024

30 Week Course*

Master Health Coach Certification
with 1 Life-stage

Choose One:
Families – Adults & Seniors – Pregnancy


33 Week Course*

Master Health Coach Certification
with 2 Life-stages

Choose Two:
Families – Adults & Seniors – Pregnancy


36 Week Course*

Master Health Coach Certification
with 3 Life-stages

Includes all Three:
Families – Adults & Seniors – Pregnancy


* Followed by a self-paced Practical Skills Assessment with 3 live mentor coaching feedback sessions

Master Health Coach Training

In the Master training, students develop advanced coaching skills and communication strategies to guide clients through the change process and help them achieve lasting behavior change. The Master training includes core health coaching content, your choice of 1-3 life-stage courses, the 24 week Master training plus the self-paced Practical Skills Assessment.

Core Curriculum

Basic & Advanced Nutrition

Basic & Advanced Nutrition

  • Understanding Protein, Fats, and Carbs
  • Science of supplementation
  • Foods to avoid and why
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Superfoods
  • Metabolic programming
  • Food quality vs. quantity
Health Coaching Methods

Coaching Methods

  • Accountability
  • Goal setting
  • Identify stages of change
  • Initiating motivation to change
  • Group coaching
  • Individual coaching
Strategic Marketing for Health Coaches

Strategic Marketing

  • Tools to get started
  • Connecting with potential clients
  • Identifying key coaching opportunities
  • Creative marketing methods
  • Tailoring to maximize effectiveness

Life-stage Curriculum


  • Traffic Light Eating & Portion Control
  • Brainy Breakfast & Healthy Carbs
  • Vegetables, Fruit and Fiber
  • Protein, Fats and Fast Foods
  • Physical Activity
  • Hydration

Adults & Seniors

  • Make Your Own Medicine
  • Make Health Your Hobby
  • Move Waste From Your Waist
  • Live Without Pain and Inflammation
  • Exercise’s Role in Health
  • Healthy Eating Made Simple


  • Planning for Pregnancy
  • Nutrition for all Stages of Pregnancy
  • Nutrition Skills for a Healthier Pregnancy
  • Lifestyle and Attitude During Pregnancy
  • Exercise and Movement During Pregnancy
  • Bringing Baby Home

Master Curriculum

Health & Wellness

  • Expand upon the content covered in the Lifestage Specialty courses 
  • Support clients in obtaining credible health and wellness information 
  • Gain a solid familiarity of current recommendations from public health groups such as the Center for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health 
  • Understand health promotion and disease prevention, applying a whole person perspective 
  • Learn about chronic disease risk factors and current lifestyle recommendations for optimal health 
  • Recognize commonly used biometric health measures 
  • Identify social determinants of health and understand how they impact client behavior 

Coaching Structure

  • Learn how to design a coaching program that supports clients as they make lasting behavior changes 
  • Understand the difference between and early and later stage coaching sessions and how to conduct each type of session 
  • Learn when and how to guide client to assess current state of health and wellness 
  • Explore client vision of optimal wellbeing, establish client-directed long- and short-term goals and back-up plans 
  • Grasp how to implement client preferred methods for learning and accountability 
  • Discover how to support clients in ongoing sessions and how to manage coaching program termination 

Coaching Process

  • Learn how to create a client-centered coaching relationship in a one-on-one setting 
  • Become an active, empathetic listener  
  • Apply communication strategies that promote a guiding style of coaching that honors client autonomy, improves client-self efficacy, elicits intrinsic motivation, and supports client-directed goal setting 
  • Discover how positive psychology and the transtheoretical model of change support clients in making lasting behavior changes 
  • Use evidence-based coaching techniques such as Motivational Interviewing and Appreciative Inquiry in coaching conversations 
  • Use other coaching process knowledge to recognize client emotions, foster client self-compassion and raise client awareness of their strengths, values and sense of purpose 

Coaching Ethics

  • Learn about ethical and legal considerations applicable to the health coaching profession including professional conduct, conflicts of interest, privacy, and confidentiality requirements 
  • Discover when and how to refer clients to other professionals 
  • Understand and apply the NBHWC Code of Ethics for health coaches 
  • Understand and apply the NBHWC Scope of Practice for health coaches 
  • Learn how to be an example for client through personal lifestyle choices that promote self-awareness and self-care 
  • Recognize the importance of ongoing professional development 

Access Our Master Course Outline

Get an in-depth look at the topics covered in the Master Training. Download the Master Health Coach Certification Course Outline.

Select Your Master Course Track

Our interactive classroom environment is designed to meet the needs of the auditory, visual or hands-on learner. Select the track toward Master certification that is right for you.

Master Health Coach Certification

1 Life-stage

30 weeks*

Mater Plus One Life-Stage

Master Health Coach Certification

2 Life-stages

33 weeks*

Master Plus Two Life-Stages

Master Health Coach Certification

3 Life-stages

36 weeks*

Master Plus Three Life-Stages

* Followed by a self-paced Practical Skills Assessment with 3 live mentor coaching feedback sessions 

Select Your Master Course Track

Our interactive classroom environment is designed to meet the needs of the auditory, visual or hands-on learner. Select the track toward Master certification that is right for you.

Master Health Coach Certification

1 Life-stage (30 weeks*)

Master Health Coach Certification

2 Life-stages (33 weeks*)

Master Health Coach Certification

3 Life-stages (36 weeks*)

* Followed by a self-paced Practical Skills Assessment with 3 live mentor coaching feedback sessions 

Woman studying for health coach course

Exclusive for DSWI Master Health Coaches

NBHWC Board Exam Prep Course

Learn strategies and techniques for your preparation, studies and successful completion of the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) board exam. Collaborate alongside fellow DSWI Master Certified Health Coaches as our seasoned board-certified instructors lead you through a structured study plan, guiding you through exam strategies, practice questions and essential tips for effective exam preparation. Participation in our exam prep course is associated with a higher pass rate on the board exam.

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Other Health Coach Certifications

Select from one, two, or all three of our Life-stage courses to earn your Health Coach Certification and begin coaching in as little as six weeks.

Health Coach Certification for Families

Health Coach Certification


In the Families course, students learn a proven method to help clients and their families develop healthy habits to prevent nutrition-related diseases, improve health, and enhance learning and behavior.

Health Coach Training to Work with Adults & Seniors

Health Coach Certification


In the Adults & Seniors course, students learn to empower adults with information to sharpen thinking, boost energy, prevent age-related diseases, and take charge of their health.

Pregnancy Health Coach Certification

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In the Pregnancy course, students learn to guide pregnant and new moms toward a healthy pregnancy and baby, a smooth delivery and recovery, and optimal pre- and post-natal nutrition practices.



In the coaching setting, the advanced course of study allowed me to grow in a new way which has dramatically impacted my confidence with one-on-one coaching as I use the different methods I learned. I am more than thankful that I took the class as it added to both my daily life and my professional endeavors.

Kim V.Master Certified Health Coach

All these years I have been basically scaring people away by telling them what to do, which I have learned…no one likes. It is all about motivating (guiding) people so THEY make the decisions and choices. The Master Certified Health Coach Training gave me the skills and confidence I needed to get started.

Deborah SueMaster Certified Health Coach

The Master Certified Health Coach Training is amazing. I highly recommend it.  We focused on motivation, communication and how to really connect with clients. I’m finding I use these techniques with every interaction I have with clients as well as in my personal life. Well worth it.

Brooke L.Master Certified Health Coach

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (DSWI) has created a powerful and impactful Master Training Course and Board Exam Study Group. I cannot say enough good things about it. I use what I learned everyday.

Monica N.Master Certified Health Coach