Ongoing Support

for Certified Health Coaches

A Health Coach Certification and More!

Once you are certified as a Health Coach we won’t just drop you off at the curb, we want to continue to provide resources to help you be successful.

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Upon graduation you will have access to a vast amount of resources including ongoing educational webinars, research articles, presentations, marketing support and more.

As a Certified Health Coach we continue to provide you with ongoing education that includes trending topics and the latest science on Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.

Certified Health Coach graduates receive unlimited support and access to…

  • The Coach Portal

    A vast library containing presentations, forms, research articles, educational and marketing webinars.

  • Faculty and Staff

    We are available to answer your questions and provide information on topics such as nutrition, marketing, and coaching.

  • Health Coach Newsletters

    Keep up to date on the latest health & nutrition news, coaching opportunities, training updates, and upcoming events.

  • Referral Program

    Get connected with potential clients in your area with Health Coaching referral opportunities.

  • Marketing Resources

    Printed marketing materials, websites and professional presentations are available to you with options for every need and budget.

  • Ongoing education

    Participate in free ongoing conference calls and educational webinars offered exclusively to our Certified Health Coaches.

  • Current Information

    Stay relevant in the ever-changing world of health and nutrition with the most current scientific information and research.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Collaborate with other Certified Health Coaches both in your area and around the world.


Have you ever wondered what a Health Coach does? Where they work? What type of people they help? The answer varies depending on the Health Coach, because Health Coaching is very versatile. See for yourself…