Helping You Meet Your Health Coaching Needs

The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute works with many local and national organizations, either training and certifying their employees, or helping them to fill their health coaching positions from our many qualified graduates.

Employee Training & Certification

We have been successful in providing health insurance providers, medical centers, wellness centers, pregnancy centers, government entities, universities, weight loss centers, businesses, non-profits and other organizations with the training for their employees that enables them to run successful health and wellness coaching programs. These organizations and their employees also benefit from our ongoing continuing education that keeps them up to date with important information.

Organizational Staffing

Working closely with organizations in helping them meet their staffing needs by connecting them with our Certified Health Coaches is another benefit we provide. Whether staffing for organizations like those listed above, or companies providing online service or coaching support for apps, we help them find the best-qualified individuals.

Industries We Commonly Support

Corporate Wellness
Insurance Companies
Wellness Centers

Some of the Organizations We’ve Helped