Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Reviews

Reviews From DSWI Graduates

We are committed to provide the best education and ongoing support to our students and graduates. We are proud to share these Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Reviews from our Certified Health Coaches.


“You are going to be amazed at how well put together this program is! It was worth every dollar! You will learn so much about how to help yourself and others have a healthier lifestyle.”

Cherise Taylor, CHC

“A big thanks for the program that helps people make better choices for themselves and their families through the science-based knowledge imparted in these courses.”

Aurora Javier, MCHC

“I use what I learned in the training every day! I personally lost 40 pounds and have kept it off and now I am the “go-to” Health Coach in my community.”

Rosetta Lambiotte, CHC

“I enjoyed the simplicity and complete approach to wellness that the Health Coach Training provided.”

Mike Garcia, MCHC

” I love the fact that support will continue past this training, and I look forward to using all the tools and resources in Coach’s Portal.”

Lou Ann Damsma, CHC

“Training exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to a growing relationship with the staff at the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.”

Thomas Otley, CHC

“I love the way complicated information is broken down into easy to understand, applicable steps.”

Jacqueline Bryan, RN, CHC

“The education, resources and ongoing support far exceeded my wildest expectations.”

Mona Hitch, CHC

“I loved the course and learned so much. I honestly learned more about the body in this 6-week course than in another much longer program.”

Emilee Gettle, CHC

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“Since I have become a Dr. Sear’s Wellness Institute Health Coach, my knowledge and programs have advanced tremendously. I am able to assist multitudes of people because of my higher learning achieved at DSWI. I am forever grateful for the relationship!”

Coach Stan

“I also wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying this course. I took many nutrition classes in college but none of them were like this. This program makes it so easy to explain it to clients whereas in college, it was all science-based and you couldn’t make it relatable. I just wanted to thank you for teaching this course!! Thank you!!”

Coach Erin

“I truly enjoyed every bit of this program. I had a hard time learning about nutrition in college and after this program everything finally clicked. The teachers and Dr. Sears do a great job of breaking everything down so you can understand it. After the program they still remain available if you have any questions or concerns about building a business in health coaching. There’s tons of resources on our portal to help you too.”

Coach Amber

“This course was a class act. It was very well put together and “all bases” covered. There were thorough Directions and exceptional support.”

Coach Sarah

“As a nurse I found the education on disease to be comprehensive and easy to learn! I wish I had this course while I was becoming a nurse!”

Coach Kimberly, RN

“Taking this course was one of the best decisions of my life. The amount and quality of all the information given in this course was priceless.”

Coach Rosana

“I really love that we not only have the knowledge of nutrition now, and how the body works, but I also love that we know how to host a workshop. We come out of this course with the know-how to start offering classes immediately, and we don’t have to prepare any of the materials, other than activity and snack of course. But as for the material, it’s all there for us right down to the script. We are very well set up for success!”

Coach Amanda

“I’ve completed this program and it has been a gift to me! If you’re even possibly considering it, don’t overthink it. Just do it. The knowledge you will gain will empower you and change your life even if you didn’t pursue anything beyond your own healthier lifestyle.”

Coach Evie

“One thing I can say about the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute courses – Whoo Hoo! Quality instruction, quality materials, worth every penny invested, worth the time invested, a game changer in every way.”

Coach Eric

 “I just started the Adults/Seniors Course. I think it’s fabulous. I am learning a ton and this is only week one!! First 40 pages of his book are gold. And the nutrition presentations have helped me remember things I could never get straight!!”

Coach Gail

“Yesterday, I held my first Prime-Time Health workshop at my local park district. It was an awesome feeling to share information that will possibly change someone’s health and life. It is true that the more you talk/discuss the more you learn or better understand. I made some connections and insights that I know I would not have made simply by reading or listening to a video.”

Coach Cynthia

“I had the opportunity to teach Prime Time Health Class #3 Remove Waste from your Waist at a local library and ended up with 18 sign ups. They loved the “free” program and want to privately finish the other 3 classes! Dr. Sears has made facilitating these classes so easy. This was my first time with this series and I really felt prepared just by following our scripts and taking the time to answer questions about the slides. I cant wait to teach the other 3 sessions.”

Coach Amy