Health Coaching

The Harm of Food Shaming

With the growing conscientiousness about the foods we consume day-to-day, there is also increased probability for what is referred to as food shaming.

Diet Program Alternative: L.E.A.N.

Have you tried a diet program? There are just a few keys to health, which Dr. Sears calls the L.E.A.N. program, a balanced approach to wellness. Learn more about the non-diet alternative to healthy living!

Health Coach Client, Now Certified

Learn why Molly, once a health coach client, decided to become a Certified Health Coach to inspire and motivate others on their wellness journey.

The Potential with Health Coaching

There are many ways to implement your health coaching training. Individual coaching, groups or even writing articles and books! See what Parul is doing.

Power Playdates: Networking for Busy People

Learn how the power playdate could be your ticket to successful networking as a busy parent and entrepreneur.