Handling Behavior Issues with Children

You’ve just received a call. You cringe at the site of the phone number on your caller ID. It’s your child’s school, and he’s gotten in trouble again for disrupting class. You have the infamous talk, his behavior mildly improves for a short moment until your phone starts ringing again. Not to mention his report card is filled with poor marks, alongside the comment “These grades do not reflect his true potential, behavior affecting performance.” As a parent what do you do? Put him on medication? Hire a tutor? Handling behavior issues with children is much simpler than that.

Good Nutrition and Regular Exercise

Let’s face the facts, many parents struggle with their children’s behavior on a regular basis, from tantrums, to being over-stimulated, to just not following directions. Unfortunately, many families are unaware of the connection between nutrition and behavior issues with children.

What the food industry doesn’t want you to know:

  • Many of the factors that affect behavior issues with children are driven by ingredients in many processed foods
  • Some of the biggest offenders are called “excitotoxins.”
  • These chemicals impact your child’s brain and can impact their behavior.
  • Some of the biggest culprits are food colorings (any color with a # symbol, such as red #40), high-fructose corn syrup, and foods that contain MSG.

Exercise control over your child’s behavior by removing these ingredients from their diet!





Other Factors Affecting Behavior Issues With Children

There are many other factors that can alter a child’s behavior, including their general diet and amount of exercise they get. Also, many children are gluten, dairy, or grain intolerant. Discover the root of your child’s bad behavior and join us for a workshop today! For more information visit our section.

Take the steps to improve your child’s behavior now!

Just choosing to make a change is the first step in the right direction. Learning how to change is easy when you have help. Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coaches are available in the U.S. and 20 other countries. Find a Coach in your area. These men and women are passionate about walking along side of you to help you succeed. Take a class live in your community or online from a live coach. Learn more about which Dr. Sears LEAN workshop would meet your needs. (click photo below to learn more about available workshops)

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