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3 Reasons Safe Seafood is a Top Pregnancy Superfood

Baby’s brain is 60% fat and it just so happens that the top fats in fish, omega-3s, are also the top fats a baby’s brain needs as it develops.

Time-Saving Food Tips for Busy Parents

What is the number one obstacle to getting your family eating the healthy food you want them to eat: Time. TIME is the obstacle everyone faces!

Buying Organic and Avoiding the Dirty Dozen

Buying organic can protect your family from consuming harmful pesticides in fruits & vegetables. The new Dirty Dozen list shows those you most want to avoid.

World Health Day Raises Concerns

World Health Day brought distressing news this year: there has been a fourfold increase in diabetes since 1980. We need to avoid excessive weight gain! Here's what Dr. Sears recommends.

Are School Lunches Healthy?

Although school lunches are starting to look healthier, there is still room for improvement by including more fresh vegetables and fruits, and less sugar.

Obesity and Infant Mortality

A new study highlights the implications of obesity and infant mortality, emphasizing the importance of weight management for new and expecting mothers.

Nutritional Deficit Disorder: A Holistic Approach

Kids are diagnosed with learning and behavior disorders, but rather than labeling them with ADHD, I call it a nutritional deficit disorder (NDD).

Pantry Makeover

A pantry makeover is a way to make space for healthier options in your kitchen. Here are 3 benefits of doing a pantry makeover. Start your health journey!

Water for Weight Loss

Our bodies are 70% water, making it an essential component of a healthy diet and lifestyle. New studies show that you can you drink water for weight loss!

Traffic Light Eating Diet Alternative

Dr. Sears has a science-based approach to eating called Traffic Light Eating. The Traffic Light Eating diet alternative is informative and empowering!

The Food Mood Effect

The food mood effect has shown to impact a child's ability to focus in school and perform well on tests and it also impacts the mood of adults as well!

Organic Milk and Meat

The debate about whether or not to buy organic milk and meat is ongoing, but new studies show that organic milk and meat have more nutrients.