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How Breastfeeding Prevents Alzheimer's

Breastfeeding as Prevention of Alzheimer's Ever since our…
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3 Reasons Safe Seafood is a Top Pregnancy Superfood

Baby’s brain is 60% fat and it just so happens that the top fats in fish, omega-3s, are also the top fats a baby’s brain needs as it develops.

Obesity and Infant Mortality

A new study highlights the implications of obesity and infant mortality, emphasizing the importance of weight management for new and expecting mothers.
mommy brain

Mommy Brain + Daddy Brain

I'm increasingly convinced that the term mommy brain is a reality of parent life. Mothers develop an extra radar in their brains to nourish and protect their baby.

Omega-3 During Pregnancy

While eating more omega-3s is health-building for all ages, there is a stage of life when the omega-3 effect may have the most profound influence - during pregnancy and your child's infancy. Here are some common omega-3 questions from expecting mothers that I have addressed in my practice:
day care options

Day Care Options

Many mothers have the reality of dual-career juggling and needing to search for their substitutes or different day care options. Consider these options!

15 Tips on How to Manage Morning Sickness

Sooner or later, morning sickness will pass. In the meantime, here are 15 tips on how to manage morning sickness throughout your pregnancy.
Breastfeeding Frequently is Important

Breastfeeding Frequently Is Important

Both the baby and the breasts were designed for frequent feedings. Babies have tiny tummies and breast milk is digested rapidly - a combination that necessitates frequent feedings.
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Healthy Eating Habits Start in the Womb

Giving a baby the best chance for health is the responsibility of the mother and should start before the baby is even born.

Exercise While Pregnant