Organic Chicken Taco Recipe

Organic Chicken Taco Recipe

Looking for a healthy Cinco de Mayo meal? Well here you have it! An organic chicken taco recipe paired with a kale mango salad. A great way to add some fiesta flare to your celebration.

Flavor Packed Feast for St. Patrick’s Day

It's St. Patrick's Day, which for many means a traditional corned beef dinner. Enjoy this menu featuring wholesome, ingredients and delicious flavors.

LEAN Zucchini Pasta Recipe, Completely Kid Friendly

This is a great way to have fun in the kitchen with kids. Spiralized zucchini is a delicious healthier version of pasta.

Holiday Recipes

Try some of these delicious and slightly healthier holiday recipes from the Sears' kitchen as you are preparing sweet treats this holiday season.

LEAN Tailgating Recipes

Everyone loves tailgating for the fun and especially the food. These delicious and nutritious recipes will take your tailgating to the next level.

Time-Saving Food Tips for Busy Parents

What is the number one obstacle to getting your family eating the healthy food you want them to eat: Time. TIME is the obstacle everyone faces!

Black Bean and Salmon Tostadas Recipe

In honor of National Men Make Dinner Day, here is a Black Bean and Salmon Tostadas recipe that is easy enough for the man in your life to make, yet healthy enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Blackened Salmon Sandwich Recipe

Considering all the healthy omega-3 benefits of seafood, this Blackened Salmon Sandwich recipe is a great choice. Enjoy it on National Sandwich Day, or any other day you choose!

3 Healthy Recipes from the Dr. Sears Kitchen

Even the healthiest intentions of parent nutritionists go for naught if their children won't eat their painstakingly prepared meals. Try these three favorite healthy recipes from the Dr. Sears kitchen that are perfect for the cold weather months.

Dr. Sears Healthy Trail Mix Recipe

Whether you're actually out on the hiking trails, or just sitting in the office, this healthy trail mix recipe is a great blend of protein, carbs and fiber to help keep your blood sugar stable and to keep you satisfied between meals.
easy chicken salad wraps

Easy Chicken Salad Wraps

Don't have time to cook a gourmet meal? These easy chicken salad wraps are sure to please everyone - especially the busy cook!