Are All Processed Foods Harmful For Us?

Food processing techniques include freezing, canning, baking, drying and pasteurizing products. Some ingredients can undergo changes — like being frozen, fermented or sprouted — that makes them equally or more nutritious than they once were. Not all processes are detrimental.

The Helper's High and Why it Feels So Good to Give

Engaging in selfless behaviors, even the smallest gestures of kindness, can bring about surprising physiological results often called the Helper's High.

Cure Travel Symptoms with Common Foods

It is never fun to be traveling and get sick, but it happens. This is a list of common and inexpensive food items that will be sure to cure your symptoms.
Food Labels What They Mean

9 Food Packaging Labels Explained

Learn to examine the fine print, know what words on the food label really mean, and take a big step toward making nutritious choices at the supermarket.

World Health Day Raises Concerns

World Health Day brought distressing news this year: there has been a fourfold increase in diabetes since 1980. We need to avoid excessive weight gain! Here's what Dr. Sears recommends.

Diet Program Alternative: L.E.A.N.

Have you tried a diet program? There are just a few keys to health, which Dr. Sears calls the L.E.A.N. program, a balanced approach to wellness. Learn more about the non-diet alternative to healthy living!

Quality Sleep for Prime-Timers

The older we get, the more quality sleep we need. Studies show that sleep impacts brain function as we get older. Get 12 tips for quality sleep as you age!

The Potential with Health Coaching

There are many ways to implement your health coaching training. Individual coaching, groups or even writing articles and books! See what Parul is doing.

Reduce Sugar for Optimal Health

The sugar crisis continues because sugary drinks and foods leave us craving more sweets. Reduce sugar in your diet to reach your optimal health goals. Learn how!

Stick to Goals

Exercising is typically a difficult goal to maintain. Learn the science behind motivation to learn how to stick to goals easier!

Pills and Skills Model of Health

The pills and skills model helps people shift their focus from what they can take to what they can do, teaching them how to manage medicines safely.
mommy brain

Mommy Brain + Daddy Brain

I'm increasingly convinced that the term mommy brain is a reality of parent life. Mothers develop an extra radar in their brains to nourish and protect their baby.