mother holding baby on chair

How Breastfeeding Prevents Alzheimer's

Breastfeeding as Prevention of Alzheimer's Ever since our…
child who is obese

Childhood Obesity Continues to Rise

When an epidemic of a disease, such as childhood obesity, continues to rise, I believe that means the government is not addressing the root cause – which is what we do in the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute coaches training.

Cancer Risk Increases as Fat Increases

The incidence of nearly all cancers increases as the extra fat around your middle increases. Here are the reasons why excess body fat can lead to cancer risk.

The Harm of Food Shaming

With the growing conscientiousness about the foods we consume day-to-day, there is also increased probability for what is referred to as food shaming.
ketogenic diet

How the Ketogenic Diet Works

The ketogenic diet is popular for weight loss, however, it is important to know that it is not right for everyone.
exercise for brain health

Exercise for Brain Health

The latest research shows the exercise is one of the top lifestyle changes that contributes to smarter and happier brains.

Are All Processed Foods Harmful For Us?

Food processing techniques include freezing, canning, baking, drying and pasteurizing products that cause changes that we should be aware of.

The Helper's High and Why it Feels So Good to Give

Engaging in selfless behaviors, even the smallest gestures of kindness, can bring about surprising physiological results often called the Helper's High.

Cure Travel Symptoms with Common Foods

It is never fun to be traveling and get sick, but it happens. This is a list of common and inexpensive food items that will be sure to cure your symptoms.
Food Labels What They Mean

9 Food Packaging Labels Explained

Learn to examine the fine print, know what words on the food label really mean, and take a big step toward making nutritious choices at the supermarket.

World Health Day Raises Concerns

World Health Day brought distressing news this year: there has been a fourfold increase in diabetes since 1980. We need to avoid excessive weight gain! Here's what Dr. Sears recommends.

Diet Program Alternative: L.E.A.N.

Have you tried a diet program? There are just a few keys to health, which Dr. Sears calls the L.E.A.N. program, a balanced approach to wellness. Learn more about the non-diet alternative to healthy living!