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Building a healthier world, one person at a time...

How L.E.A.N. Programs Work

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute exists to provide high quality professional certifications, scientifically-based educational programs, and resources that empower individuals and families to live happier, healthier, longer lives by making positive Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (L.E.A.N) choices. This mission is accomplished by:

  • Educating individuals through Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Workshops which provide families, expecting moms, or adults and seniors a fun and interactive way to learn about health and wellness.
  • Training and Certifying Health Coaches who are equipped with the tools and resources to coach individuals and families though engaging workshops, personal consultations, and large group presentations.
  • Partnering with organizations (non-profits, schools, corporations, etc.) and providing them with customizable and clinically proven health education programs to improve the lives of employees, students and members. Learn More »
Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Get to know William Sears M.D., one of America’s most renowned pediatricians and author of over 40 books on childcare, as well as Sean Foy, M.A., an exercise physiologist, behavioral coach, and certified nutrition counselor. And you’ll also meet the rest of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute team! Learn More »


Health Coach Advisory Board

The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Advisory Board is composed of a wide variety of health, nutrition, and business professionals who are instrumental in helping the Wellness Institute strategically plan and develop the best and most effective programs to positively impact the health of families around the world.  Board members also provide insight into our continued efforts to improve on and expand our support system for existing Coaches.  Learn More »


In the News

World renowned physicians Dr. Jim Sears, and Dr. Bill Sears are often featured in the media for their medical, nutrition, and parenting advice. In addition, Dr. Sears Certified Health Coaches are often featured locally for their work in the community. See what others are doing and learn more »


Global Presence

Currently, there are Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coaches providing valuable education to children and families in 31 different countries.  Join Dr. Bill, Dr. Jim and the Wellness Institute as together we build a healthier world, one family at a time. Learn More »

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