Are School Lunches Healthy?

School Lunches, Still Room for Improvement

Question: Parents, why do you send your children to school?

Answer: To give them tools to succeed in life.

What better tool than health and nutrition? Up until recently, most schools were getting an “F” in this subject. The good news, however, is that in the 2014 CDC evaluation of school lunches, revealed some promising improvements:

  • 97.2% of schools offered whole grains each day for breakfast
  • 94.4% of schools offered whole grains each day for lunch
  • 79.4% of schools offered two or more fruits each day for lunch
  • 78% of schools offered two or more fruits each day for lunch
  • 30.5% of schools offered self-serve salad bars
  • 54.15% of schools prepared meals with fresh and frozen vegetables, instead of canned
  • 51.8% of schools used low-sodium canned vegetables instead of regular canned vegetables
  • 65.1% of schools used other seasonings instead of salt
  • 68% of schools reduced the amount of sodium called for in recipes or used low-sodium recipes

While it’s obvious that an increasing number of schools are realizing that a child’s learning and behavior is highly influenced by what they eat while at school, there is still room for

A Comment from Dr. Bill

While schools are moving in the right direction, they still need to ban the use of foods containing added chemicals that interfere with learning and behavior, especially taste enhancers, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial colorings. Parents, please keep badgering your schools to make these changes.  We have always taught that schools are only as good and as healthy as the parents supporting them!