Health Coaching in Fitness Centers

Adding Health Coaching in Fitness Centers

When it comes to reaching healthy New Year resolutions, many people flock to gyms and  fitness centers, for obvious reasons. Whether it’s cardio, strength training or group classes, fitness centers have a range of options for people to take advantage of and in Lebanon, Tennessee, it’s no different!

In a recent article from the Wilson Post, local gym owners share five tips to help people stay healthy, including:

  1. Setting realistic goals.
  2. Finding a workout you enjoy.
  3. Getting a workout buddy.
  4. Sharing your goal with friends and family.
  5. Not changing everything at once.

The Jimmy Floyd Center is a fitness center in Lebanon, Tennessee that, like many gyms this year, will be offering a variety of programs and services to help their members reach healthy New Year’s resolutions in 2016. This includes the addition of Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Certified Health Coach, Danielle Luipersbeck!

Danielle will be offering the L.E.A.N. workshops at the Jimmy Floyd Center to further help people understand the lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition changes that everyone can benefit from. If you’re in the Lebanon area, we hope you’ll check out Danielle’s workshops! Otherwise, you can check her out on Facebook here.

health coach in fitness centersDanielle Luipersbeck is a Tennessee based Certified Health Coach and founder of Healthiest Life Now. Danielle and her husband also operate Red Gate Farm Tennessee, which offers a 20-person community supported agriculture (CSA) share. She trained with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and received her certification in 2015, with a focus on working with families, pregnant women and adults.